Thought it might be good to have a page dedicated to attachments, parts & machines for sale & wanted. I get numerous enquiries for certain parts (Chain-stitch plates etc.) & complete machines so it makes sense to list the parts & machines that are actually available.

I’m currently ‘rationalising’ my modest VSM collection (too many) & parting with my non Slant machines. Including a very nice 1916 Singer 66K in a Drawing Room Cabinet, Singer 319K, Pfaff 30, 1920 Jones CS, 1907 Frister & Rossman TS, Singer 99Ks, etc.

Slant machines & parts. I have one 401G, 411G & a 431G for sale currently. Please ask for details. I’ll describe all of them shortly anyway.

Also have some Slant foots/feet, attachments, throat plates etc. All will be listed individually anon.

1916 66K

This is a 1916 Singer 66K in a Drawing Room Cabinet. In most beautiful condition. Trouble is that I do not have the room for it now & it deserves a new, caring, appreciative owner. Within reasonable distance of Gloucester, UK!!

I could separate the head from the cabinet, but that would be such a shame. It’ll be on Ebay UK at some point soon, but if you have an interest please contact me.

A good 1958 Pfaff 30 here.  Have the original receipts for this machine & it cost £43 17s 6p on 28/01/1958. (Equal to £1300 in 2020£s.) With a 25 year guarantee!

This is a classic, quality, straight stitch machine, better in certain ways than the Singer 201. This one has a Hillman Motor, replacing the original Pfaff unit.  Just as powerful & fast, & the machine itself is in good working order.