The basis of all the Singer 400 series machines. Also my first Slant: ) Alloy body with all metal gears, except one ‘Textolite’ cog on the handwheel drive…

All the 400 series Slants have this ‘all metal’ construction with cam driven multi-stitch capability, (excepting the 404 straight stitch variant!) ‘drop in’ bobbin, & the ‘feel’ of long lasting ‘Quality’ machine. Last of the best Singers IMHO: )

This is my first Slant & came with most of its original attachments, etc. Pictured above ‘as found’ from my good sister Joyce. Came without a case cover/lid.

It really fascinated me, & led me down this particular road… No regrets here: )

So, later I looked for a replacement case lid online, & what I got was so very nice, but it also came with another 401G, which seemed to be better than the one I already had… So, this is how I end up with 11 Slants currently. One thing leads to another. Or two.

Five here, the others are in cabinets. Not easy to display collectively…

If you are a car ‘collector/enthusiast’ these Slants are equivalent to the BMWs, Lancias, Aston Martins of the period. Always look after your Slants. They are/will be an appreciating asset.