Recent find is this 411G with convertible treadle/electric switching. Not seen by me before, but interesting? I think so: ) Many people online are converting the electric versions to treadle, & it’s quite a job. How nice to have an original item that does the both, on demand?

Handwheel detail

Looks as if something is missing here, & it appears to be the actual knob, which is plastic & usually cracked on 411s & 431s! (I was wrong there. The original Page Insert diagram below shows it as above)

Ebay pics here, because I cannot collect the machine until the Covid restrictions here in UK allow.

First view on Ebay was puzzling me. An electric machine with a Belt Guard???

The Manual with a page insert that I cannot quite read easily is tantalising.

Here is the complete, legible page: )

I collected it last Sunday (18 April 2021) and all the details will be here shortly: ) I believe this is a rare option 411G, only available as a ‘Special Order’ when new. I can find no reference to this option online, except for Leila at

This is the hand wheel assembly for this machine. It has the normal, heavier, treadle hand wheel, & the Textolite gear for electric drive. Otherwise it is a perfectly normal looking 411G treadle head.

Looks like it’s never been used as a Treadle! The actual switching mechanism is very simple. Just wiggle it in or out. The clutch/stop motion is similar, just in & out.