Another 411G arrives…

New arrival from Chipping Campden here. Found on Ebay looking forlorn in a murky old Singer treadle table.

These Slants had good quality paint, shown here. Just a few minor chips along the front edge.

An informative ‘Before & After story’ here. Some Ebay pics below:

The old brown oil stains show that it was oiled when in use.

No leads, no attachments, just the head. Oh! It did have a spare bobbin! The good lady just wanted it out of her kitchen! How could I resist? I won’t say how much I paid for it, but it did have a reserve on it! I took a chance & I’m very happy now: )

The treadle base is unwanted by me, but some people like to make Occasional Feature tables out of them. So it won’t be scrapped!

So the machine has since had a good clean, inside & out, a proper service, & mechanical check over. No faults found. The motor is quiet & strong & the machine runs very smoothly now, after a gentle 15 minutes running for the oil to circulate.

I happened to have a tidy, clean case for it & it looks a picture now!

What are you saying E? Even the light works!

I always liked the look of those bevel gears. (Not yet greased. I’m waiting on some in the post: )