The ‘Basic’ Straight stitch 404G is a star in its own class.

Singer 404G

Uncomplicated, reliable & built like a BMW IMO.

Who would choose a new single stitch machine in 1964 in UK?

When in Singers other 400 series range you could have zig-zag, multi stitch capability, free arm, chain-stitching?

This buyer knew exactly what they wanted. Maybe she/he (I’d bet it was she: ) was used to the Singer 201s, or even the Featherweights? And wanted to try the latest Singer top of the range machines. If so, it was a wise choice I’d say.

The last of the ‘all steel’ Quality Singer straight stitch machines. (Textolite cog excepted. You want to see a real ‘all steel’ Slant without the Textolite cog check this one; )

404G with walking foot attached.