Welcome to the Slant Zone

Singer Slant-O-Matics that is…

This site will concentrate on the Classic Singer Slant-O-Matics. Mostly German & Italian made machines, because I’m a Brit & we see very few of the American versions here.

Singer 301, 403As & Rocketeers are rare this side of the pond, but the 431Gs are scarce over the water too… Not to mention the treadled 411G. That’s rare here also, but we have one nice example to show at least: )

So, we will concentrate on 401, 404, 411 & 431 Slants & hope to connect with owners of 301s 403As & the Rocketeers in time.

May the ‘Twain Meet’ one day?

We are enthusiasts not a business, so no ads/Pop Ups/BS, just plenty of photographs & informative text.

My intentions here are to show my modest herd & create a dedicated online space for these fine machines. Share the knowledge & promote them. There is a lot of info online, but it’s all over the place.

In my opinion the 400 series Slants were the last of the best engineered  (as opposed to injection moulded) Singers.

Before the Japanese showed the way by producing good product cheaper than the western competition. (as with cars, motorcycles, etc. etc.)

Singer went down the road of plastic gears, other parts, panels etc. & simply lost their previous excellent reputation.

While I set up this site again, slowly but surely, here’s an idea of what to expect below.

Amazingly interesting details. (If you don’t already know: )

Like chain-stitching on a treadle? With multi, multi pattern stitching? (depends on your cams: ) Chain stitching even.

50 years ago? On a treadle?

These machines have got some proper ‘Wow’ factors IMO. Both Electric & treadle. The closer you look, the more time consuming, & fascinating it is. In my humble opinion.