Singer 411G Treadle spec.

A special machine for me. In a lovely Singer Italian made cabinet.

This is the only genuine ‘All Steel’ Slant. (No Texolite cog on this one!!)

This machine has no motor & therefore has no need for that particular cog. So, having made that point, this 411G has the same multi stitch, chain-stitch capabilities, along with the ability, from new, of treadling.

Lots of people online nowadays are converting their motor driven 411s to treadle. You just need need the right Handwheel (or convert one) & it is not an easy process. How nice therefore to have an original spec 411G? Along with its original belt cover??

The treadle handwheel is essential. The belt cover is also hens teeth.
No motor, the hole is empty. No Texolite cog, just a basic belt pulley.