Slant.Zone live tonight: )

Been messing around for ages setting up this site & my progress is painfully slow… But I wait no longer. In simple blog format right now, with only three pages populated probably… whilst I look for a suitable ‘Old Skool’ theme, & figure it all out.

This 431G is my ‘Spares’ machine. Paint chips & scruffy. But it stitches like it should, & it is our goto machine for almost anything. You wouldn’t want to see the Throat Plate Pins though; )

So, we are live at 22:00 tonight, 21st July 2019, whatever. (I’m paying for the Hosting anyway!)

Main thing to say here, is that I welcome genuine contacts re these machines, your experiences, etc. & I do have a fair selection to show, & maybe explain, & spread the word!


In Gloucester, UK.